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Daphne Merkin

The Marriage Ended. The Company Thrived.

SAN RAFAEL, CALIF. — It is a bright September day and I am standing in a 45,000-square-foot space in Marin County that was once the “Star Wars studio of George Lucas and is now the home of EO Products. It is hard to imagine a high-tech film studio being converted into the production facility for an organic cosmetics company — one that features products like a mint-and-coconut soap and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. There is something implausible about the optics of it, if nothing else. Then again, there is something implausible about EO Products itself, beginning with its homegrown origins and the way that, more than two decades later, the company is run by Brad Black and Susan Griffin-Black, the couple who head it.

Make that former couple.

Yes, this is more than just a story about an entrepreneurial pair who, out of the humble beginnings of their San Francisco home, built what would become a $50 million enterprise, specializing in body, skin and hair care based on botanically derived essentials oils. It is the story of a couple who did all that while also going through a divorce...

The New York Times | January 13, 2018.


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